Chandelier Cleaning

How Our Professionals Handle Your Chandelier Cleaning Needs

Cleaning chandeliers in elaborate designs is a thing to be reserved for experienced professionals. 

Our Trained Technicians Use the Following Steps for Your Chandelier Cleaning:

  • We disassemble the pieces of hanging crystals and clean them by hand.
  • We use meticulous detail and apply the cleaning agents to every inch thoroughly.
  • Our products are non-toxic help avoid future corrosion of your metal fixtures.
  • We wipe the surfaces, giving them all at once over, to prevent staining. 
  • Then, we put back the pieces where they belong, ensuring to avoid any damage or needed repairs. 

Scheduled Maintenance Programs:

Our chandelier cleaning regular packages are for clients interested in bringing their home to life. Keep your commercial space or home in Haslet, TX always looking inviting to your visitors. 

Add-On Services: We provide add-on and comprehensive services, where you can select a group of services. These include ceiling fans, glass, mirrors, blinds, etc. Get a deep clean for your indoors all at once. 

Bulb Replacement: We like it when your chandelier sparkles at the end of our service. During our appointment, we can replace dull and burned-out bulbs. Or, if the same specification or brand is currently hard to find, we can suggest alternatives.